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1st NCRI AML Academy Meeting

The first National Cancer Research Institute (NCRI) acute myeloid leukemia (AML) Academy will take place on September 19 and 20, 2019, at IET Austin Court, Birmingham, UK. Professor Charles Craddock, Dr Mike Dennis and Dr Steve Knapper will chair the meeting, which will broadly overlook current and future UK-based clinical trials, and current challenges in the treatment of patients with AML.

Sessions will cover the treatment of older adults with AML, advances in intensive chemotherapy, and a debate on whether chemotherapy-targeted therapies reduce the need for bone marrow transplantation (BMT).  In the afternoon, masterclasses will cover the management of high-risk and relapsing patients, translational research and a workshop for research nurses.

The AML Global Portal spoke with Steering Committee member, Professor Charlie Craddock about the meeting, and discussed its purpose and rationale, and what is hoped to be achieved.

How did the meeting come about? What was the need to initiate such a meeting?

Prof Craddock explained that rapid progress in the development of new drug and transplant therapies makes it important to create a forum for discussion of how to ensure patients benefit as rapidly as possible from these new therapeutic options. At the same time advances in genomics and MRD technologies are impacting treatment decisions on a daily basis.

All these changes create important opportunities to improve patient outcomes but it was vital that these advances could be disseminated throughout the UK AML community at a new educational forum. For this reason, the programme was developed specifically to enhance the skills of the UK AML community, and to bring together some remarkable and gifted individuals to speak at the meeting. The meeting also aims to facilitate UK doctors interacting with high-level international experts.

Prof Craddock also emphasized the important work of many clinicians across the UK in recruiting to NCRI AML trials, and the discussion of the current and planned trial portfolio will be a key component of the meeting. A dinner for faculty and delegates on Thursday evening will provide a further opportunity to encourage interaction between UK and international clinicians, and will also serve as an opportunity to thank UK clinicians and nurses for their efforts and hard work they put into recruiting to NCRI AML trials. Prof Craddock stressed how it is important to acknowledge, celebrate and to be grateful for an engaged community.

What are the educational objectives of the Co-Chairs for this meeting?

Prof Craddock explained how Dr Knapper and Dr Dennis are working on pivotal current AML trials in the UK, and are using this meeting as an opportunity to disseminate and educate, from their perspectives.

Are there any specific themes that will run through the meeting?

Prof Craddock spoke of how some controversial areas will also be discussed during the meeting, such as the role of FLT3 inhibitors and other novel agents, as well as advances in intensive chemotherapy and stem cell transplantation.

The AML Global Portal is proud to be selected as the platform to exclusively cover the meeting during and after in order to enhance education for the AML community.


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